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The Blue Belt Level focuses primarily on the identification and practice of Spiritual Technique. The fact that spiritual perception is rarely developed enough throughout one’s life indicates the amount of work that a student must do. Now that the student has sufficiently developed their minds and bodies, the programming of the spiritual adds the final piece of the basic training package. The student should learn and understand their theory early on so as to maximize their experience of the level. An early practice of theory also programs advanced training attitudes necessary for the development of a student into an apprentice of the AKMA.

1) What is the name of the level on which you are currently training?

  • The Spiritual Development Level.

2) What are the purposes of the Blue Belt Level?

  • To identify, develop, and stabilize the various spiritual techniques of the Blue Belt level.

  • To program a habit of using one’s spiritual abilities in forceful situations.

  • To complete the student's first stage of development by adding in Spiritual.

  • To increase the student's personal power in all aspects of life.


3) What is the primary emphasis of the level?

  • Spiritual.


4) Define the term "Force".

  • Speed and power, usually independent of one another but usually working together in unison. Speed is the physical energy level of an attack, and power is the muscle tension at the moment of impact.


5) Define the term "Perception".

  • The spiritual ability to be aware of any changes in the environment or the opponent without using the physical senses.


6) Define the term "Threshold".

  • The spiritual level beyond which a being changes their cause level or is overwhelmed.

7) Define the term "Mobilization".

  • The ability to bring all physical, mental, and spiritual to the desired potential at a moment's notice.


8) Define the term "Cause Level".

  • The spiritual ability to create a level of energy senior and in control of a forceful situation. In other words, the level of energy that one must assume to be in control of any situation.


9) Define the term "Seniority".

  • The spiritual ability to create an energy level in a position of control and authority over another. For a Warrior, this is usually fueled by virtue.


10) Define the term “At Effect.”

  • The spiritual state where one’s energy is lower than the actual energy required to be in control over a situation. In other words, an inappropriate energy level assumed by a person when a forceful situation is greater than what they can confront.


11) Define the term "Present Time".

  • The spiritual ability to gather one's attention from the past and future, and bring it completely into the present moment.


12) What are the physical goals of the level?

  • To be able to apply and control a realistic fighting speed and power in a combat situation.

  • To increase a student's physical skill.

  • To ensure that the body serves as a visible statement of the student’s spiritual intention.


13) What are the mental goals of the level?

  • To continue to improve a student’s Primary Mental Attitudes.

  • To continue to program the student’s mind to be positive.

  • To continue to increase a student's understanding of the art of Kenpo.

  • To continue to program safe and effective strategies.

14) What are the spiritual goals of the level?

  • To program the spiritual ability to be able to create oneself without the use of one's physical, or mental abilities.

  • To continually maintain a Cause Level that is always higher than the opponent's.

  • To create an unwavering “spiritual beingness” that has the willingness to do what is right at all times.

  • To identify, practice, and program the basic spiritual abilities and perceptions of a Martial Artist.


15) What is the percent of attention on your self during training?

  • A student places 50% of attention on themselves to keep their control and form, and 50% on their opponent to put them to effect through the use of their spiritual abilities.


16) What are the Sparring Level 4 Techniques?

  • Placing your attention on the utilization of the Spiritual Attack Weapons.

  • Being able to Uncooperatively Spar.

  • To be able to defend using Distance, Parries, Blocks, or Attacks.


17) In one word what is "Spiritual"?

  • Attention.


18) What should one do spiritually to be in control over a situation?

  • Create one's space and maintain it fully.

  • Create a Cause Level greater than the situation.

  • Project one's energy out towards one's opponent and the situation.


19) What are the two kinds of strikes?

  • Impacting. This is where the damage is caused by the shockwave created by the explosion at the moment of impact.

  • Thrusting. This is where the damage is caused by the weapon penetrating deeply into the target.


20) What is the basic package of the Blue Belt Level?

  • Stability Principles.

  • Ground Power.

  • Striking Principles.

  • Breathing.

  • Physical/Spiritual Fighting Potentials

  • Primary Spiritual Attack Weapons.

21) What are the Primary Spiritual Attack Weapons?

  • Spiritually creating Space.

  • Spiritually creating Projection.

  • Spiritually creating Connection.

  • Spiritually creating Envelopment.

  • Spiritually sending a Disruptive Emotion.

  • Spiritually sending a Picture of the Damage your blow will do.

  • Spiritually creating your Seniority.

  • Spiritually creating your Cause Level.


22) Can a person develop spiritual ability without training?

  • Yes, however a person’s spiritual ability has a better chance of reaching their truest potentials through the concentrated focus that comes from regular training.


23) What is the Spiritual Technique of Repelling?

  • When struck, using a high speed energy force wave to flow down the line of communication from the being to the target. As soon as you are struck energy travels from the point of contact and up the line of communication towards the being. Before the invading energy hits you, send a high speed energy force wave down that same line of communication, and blow the invading energy out.


24) Name and define the Striking Principles for the Blue Belt level.

  • Rooting: Practicing segmented strikes in which the body sets and connects to the floor at the same time contact occurs.

  • Retraction: Practicing a pull back of one's strikes and kicks immediately after contact is made. The striking limb retracts before the rest of the body rotates into the next strike.

  • Momentum: Practicing taking an initial step every now and then in a combination to add power from gravity and centrifugal force.

  • Penetration: Practicing driving each blow deep into the opponent’s body many inches past surface contact. One should feel as if their energy continues on into and through the opponent’s body.

  • Explosions: Practicing a peak of one's physical potentials and spiritual energies at the moment of impact.

  • Compensation: Practicing positioning the center towards the force feedback experienced when making contact.

  • Create the Desired Force: Creating a realistic cause level and then letting that energy imbue the physical form.

  • Transfer the Force: Unloading all spiritual energy into the opponent's body at the moment of impact.

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