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1. What is the Green Belt Basic Package? 

  • Stability Principles 

  • Ground Power 

  • Striking Principles 

  • Breathing 

  • Basic Spiritual Attack Weapons 

  • Present Time 

  • Physical/Spiritual Fighting Potential 

  • No Win Domination 

  • Being Spiritually Unbreakable 

  • Controlling your Fear 


2. What is a Green and Advanced Green student considered within the AKMA? 

  • An Apprentice of the AKMA. 

3. What is the emphasis of the level (Mind, Body, or Spirit)? 

  • Spiritual primarily, with an appropriate level of attention on Physical and Mental. 

4. What is the percent of attention on self during the Green Belt Level? 

  • 30% on self to monitor proper physical and mental control. 

  • 70% on the opponent to control and affect them. 


5. What is the physical goal of the level? 

  • To attack and defend at a potential appropriate for a realistic fighting encounter. 

  • To develop a physical control over high speed, complex, and chaotic movement. 

  • To develop a physical skill appropriate to a Warrior of the AKMA. 


6. What is the mental goal of the level? 

  • To have a realistic understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • To have a greater understanding of the strategies and concepts of Kenpo. 

  • To have a positive mind that aids, not hinders, in high force situations such as combat. 

  • To understand that your potentials are ultimately unlimited. 

  • To begin to gain a broader viewpoint of life and existence. 


7. What is the spiritual goal of the level? 

  • To be able to perceive what spiritual really is. 

  • To be able to create a spiritual state that is able to deal with combat from a place of control and seniority. 

  • To be able to have a spiritual creation that overwhelms and dominates your opponent completely. 

  • To be able to create a spiritual state that you are unbreakable and cannot be put to effect. 

  • To begin to create your power from a place of virtue, rather than ego, or physical strength. 


8. What is “No Win” Domination? 

  • A spiritual state that a student attains that allows the opponent no wins. 

9. How do you create “No Win” Domination? 

  • Create a solid space. 

  • Create a solid flow. 

  • Create a solid cause level. 

  • Hold it on the opponent without any change regardless of any damage taken, or other distraction. 

10. What is the default cause level for an Apprentice of the AKMA? 

  • Willing to Maim. 

11. What strategy does one use to fight any opponent? 

  • 5 Stage Drilling. 

12. What is the role of speed and power for the Green Belt Level? 

  • The role of speed and power for the Green Belt Level is Positive. 

  • Greater speed will prompt greater physical fighting potential, a faster ability to mentally think in combat, and a greater reality of spiritual intention and cause. 


13. What is a Focal Point and how is it used? 

  • A focal point is a point on, in, or outside a target at which a student intends to make contact. 

  • It is used to teach an apprentice how to strike at full potential by moving the focal point in or out. To transfer higher force the focal point is moved in, to transfer less force the focal point is moved out. 


14. What are the physical elements of the Mass Attack strategy? 

  • Don’t let the physical space collapse around you. 

  • Maintain a physical orientation of fighting everyone simultaneously. 

  • Use anything you can as a weapon. 

  • Be effective physically. Share your blows. Finish your opponents off in three attacks or less. 

  • Be efficient physically. Breathe. Share your blows. Line them up to fight fewer. 

  • Keep any Mass Attack encounter as short as possible. Disengage from the encounter as soon as you are able and clear the scene. 

15. How does one strike a target that is Stable? 

  • Deep. 

16. How does one strike a target that is Unstable? 

  • Shallow. 

17. How does one strike a target that has a high Density? 

  • Shallow. 

18. How does one strike a target that has a low Density? 

  • Deep. 

19. What are the Sparring Level Five Techniques? 

  • Combat Effectiveness 

  • Full Potential Offense and Defense 

  • Seniority 

  • Appropriate Cause Levels 

  • No win Domination 


20. What is the first step for an Apprentice along the Warrior’s Path of the AKMA? 

  • Control your fear. 

21. What does “Control your fear” mean to a Warrior? 

  • In all things, whether they be physical, mental, or spiritual, an apprentice endeavors to control his or her fear. An apprentice endeavors to not make moves based on fear. He or she acknowledges where his or her fears are, and endeavors to be in control over them. 


22. In what areas must you out-create your opponent during Combat Viewpoint Drill? 

  • Stability through a greater connection to the ground. 

  • Speed through greater creation of physical energy. 

  • Power through greater creation of muscle tension. 

  • Cause through greater creation of spiritual cause level. 


23. Name and define the Striking Principles for the Green Belt level. 

  • Rooting: Practicing segmented strikes in which the body sets and connects to the floor at the same time contact occurs. 

  • Retraction: Practicing a pull back of ones strikes and kicks immediately after contact is made. The striking limb retracts before the rest of the body rotates into the next strike. 

  • Momentum: Practicing taking an initial step every now and then in a combination to add power from gravity and centrifugal force. 

  • Penetration: Practicing driving each blow deep into the opponent’s body many inches past surface contact. One should feel as if their energy continues on into and through the opponent’s body. 

  • Explosions: Practicing a peak of one's physical potentials and spiritual energies at the moment of impact. 

  • Compensation: Practicing positioning the center towards the force feedback experienced when making contact. 

  • Create the Desired Force: Creating a realistic cause level and then letting that energy imbue the physical form. 

  • Transfer the Force: Unloading all spiritual energy into the opponents body at the moment of impact. 

  • Depth to Maximum Resistance: Being sure to penetrate on the target to the point where you can go no further without injury. 

  • Loose to Potential: Being sure to keep your body loose until maximum resistance, and then at that point, mobilizing to your utmost potential. 

  • Physical/Spiritual Peaking: At the moment the strike hits maximum resistance, the body and spirit peak to a level outside the opponent’s ability to confront thereby overwhelming him. 

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